Gopher Gala is a distributed global hackathon based on Go, happening next week. The event consists in a prized hackathon happening from January 23rd at 2:00 to January 25th 2:00, in which coders from all the globe will be hacking on chosen projects.

Since the organizers behind GolangBCN had been long time discussing about taking part in some event involving practical programming - let’s say some action beyond such cool talks, this looked like the perfect excuse to measure our community’s taste for fun.

So, thanks to BigSEO, who’s supporting this event by offering their office space, we’ll have this hackathon, and so Barcelona had a local HQ in Gopher Gala web page.

Just note that you’ll need to RSVP in the event’s page, fill out the Gopher Gala’s project register form, and share your idea in our checkin project form, or see projects proposed you could join. We recommend you to read all the rules before registering anywhere.