GoWayFest 4.0 - the 4th edition of the conference fully dedicated to Go - will be held online on July 11-12 and will bring together gophers and Go-fans from all over the globe.

This year’s speakers team is full of Go-stars:

  • Dave Cheney will share a secret how the names we give to things can affect the maintainability of the software;
  • Ellen Körbes will help you to speed up your “from code change to process running” benchmark for Go applications;
  • Iskander Sharipov with several topics about implementation an efficient VM in GO;
  • Mat Ryer, Andrii Soldatenko and other speakers on the website.

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🌐 Check out online perks:

  • more great speakers with talks and Q&A in virtual rooms;
  • networking with go-programmers from different countries;
  • any talk in any track on-demand whenever you want;
  • no last row seats;
  • much cheaper tickets;
  • no borders, no visas, no travel arrangements;
  • and more cool stuff and opportunities.

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