We had a very good January. We, the organizers of GolangBCN, met to discuss the state of the project and how to improve it, and we had an awesome meetup with Francesc Campoy and Ivan Daniluk at Typeform’s office

So we had a productive meeting with the members of the group, here are some conclusions:

  • we have refactored our communication channels:
    • we have created the golang-bcn-organizers@googlegroups.com mailing list as the main channel for communicating with the organizers. If you want to propose a talk, offer a venue or any suggestion you can write us there. We are not using meetup.com’s message systema anymore, sorry about it.
    • we are moving our chat group from Telegram to Slack’s #lang-go channel at the BcnEng community. You can sign-up here.
  • we will try to promote diversity in our activities.

We also had the ‘17 January meetup, and it was awesome. It was hosted by Typeform (thank you!) and we had two talks:

As usual we had a great time at Typeform’s office with pizza & beers and time for chat and relax.

See you in Slack and in the next meetup!